J Thomas
Tea Consultancy

Tea Consultant & Plantation Services India (P) Ltd.

Provides technical and commercial advice to tea estates in India and abroad on productivity, quality and financial management.

Contact Person: Sanjib Sharma
Telephone: 033 22486201 / 05
Mobile: 9830149349
Email: sanjibsharma@jthomas.in

Financial Services

J. Thomas renders financial assistance by providing 'bridging' finance to tea companies to meet their working capital requirements, also for leasing plant, machinery, capital goods and other infrastuctural assets.


Tea Consultancy & Plantation Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.
J. Thomas Trading & Investments Pvt. Ltd.
J. Thomas Finance Pvt. Ltd.


Colombo: Bartleet & Co. Ltd.
Chittagong: National Brokers Ltd.
Mombasa: Africa Tea Brokers Ltd.
Jakarta: Kantor Pemasaran Bersama
Limbe: Tea Brokers Central Africa Ltd.

Information Services

The company publishes annual market reviews, analyses and provides tea statistics which are highly regarded by the international tea community, local and federal governments and several other agencies worldwide. J. Thomas publications are the most comprehensive in the industry.