J Thomas
About Rubber

How Rubber is Made:

Natural rubber is made from the sap of the wild rubber tree. The bark of the tree is 'tapped', this means cutting small slits into the bark, so that the white sap, known as latex, drips out and is caught in collecting cups. Tapping of rubber trees is done by hand. A way of making rubber stronger and more elastic was invented by and Charles Goodyear in 1839. His method was called vulcanizing and it stopped rubber from perishing.

Purchasing Rubber

J. Thomas & Co. Pvt. Ltd. have been purchasing natural rubber for and on behalf of some of the leading Auto tyre manufacturers in India since 1966. As purchasing agents for various clients we negotiate, contract, inspect quality and arrange storage and dispatch of natural rubber stocks as required by our Principals.

We have, over the years acquired an intimate knowledge of natural rubber plantation industry and of the rubber trade and our close familiarity with the needs of the consuming industry make us an ideal source for reliable market information and supplies of natural rubber. We can offer a ready made, well experienced division familiar with the needs of rubber consuming industries and our experience over thirty two years in this particular field and can assure you cost effective and trouble free procurement of natural rubber to meet all requirements. As one of the largest buyers of natural rubber in India we are able to obtain best possible terms for our Principals.

Over the past thirty two years we have purchased natural rubber for and on behalf of Goodyear India Ltd., Ceat Ltd., Firestone Tyres, Modi Rubber ltd., J.K. Industries Ltd., Vikrant Tyres Ltd., Birla Tyres and South Asia Tyres Ltd. and have acquired a close understanding of quality requirements of various consumers we service. Close contacts are maintained with technical and production personnel of our principals through frequent visits. The result of these joint endeavours, we believe, have been successful in evolving innovations such as improved packing methods, optimum grades for various applications etc.,resulting in considerable cost reduction.

We have experienced personnel who are familiar with all aspects of rubber industry. We have also benefited by consultations with various international experts who have visited and advised us on our operations. Currently we are purchasing Agents for Goodyear India Limited, Birla Tyres, J.K. Industries Limited, South Asia Tyres Limited and Bridgestone ACC India ltd.