J Thomas
About Tea

Varieties of Teas

Tea Tasting

This is a refined and specialised skill and is an intrinsic part of auctioning. The subtle and varied nuances of every invoice of tea is first tasted, judged and valued by tea tasters before offering at auctions. His description of the liquor is based on taste, sight, touch and smell. A taster may deal with several hundred tea samples in a day. In his evaluation, he brings his knowledge and experience of a particular estate to make his conclusions.

Tea Broking

Around one third of all tea auctioned in India is handled by J. Thomas. The company conducts auctions at Kolkata, Guwahati, Siliguri, Cochin, Coonoor, and Coimbatore and has correspondents in all auction centres worldwide: Colombo, Chittagong, Mombasa,
Jakarta, Limbe.

Tea Auctions

Advantages to Producers

- Only forum which enables large volumes of tea to be sold in a short time through competition, a transparent price barometer
- Exposure to all potential domestic and international markets
- Facilitates quality control and benchmarking
- Nominal selling cost

Advantages to Buyers

- Availability of widest variety under one roof
- Guaranteed quality
- Assured Delivery
- Facilitates forward planning
- Savings in transportation, storage and operating costs

Advantages to Government

- Accurate statistical data
- Collection of sales tax by auctioneers at no cost to Government